Link, Code: 52B-D1N - Contribute gift-money toward education savings.  There are no costs to  easily and securely transfer money.


If you're going to sign up for one of these accounts anyway, sign up through my referral link.

Alphabetical list of whatever referrals I remember to add here...

Coinbase (same referral to make a Coinbase Pro account) - "You'll both get $10 free in Bitcoin when a friend buys or sells $100 of crypto."

Google Pay - "Hi! Download the Google Pay app with my link and you’ll get $5 when you pay a friend or tap to pay using Google Pay.  Terms apply. Valid as part of my first three referrals. "

Honey - Honey is a browser extension that applies and picks your best coupon at online merchants.  Honey Gold is a rewards program where members can earn Honey Gold and redeem it for gift cards.  In the last few purchases, I saved a total of $15.

MooMoo - Hey, come and join me on moomoo! Moomoo provides easier access to pro-grade investment analytics and is used by over 20 million people globally! Sign up via my referral link now and claim 1.5% Cash Reward match on transfer amount or a "Magnificent 7" fractional shares bundle! 

PayPal - As of 5/11/21, there are two offers: "They spend $5, you both get $10."  "Use my link to buy your first $5 of crypto with PayPal and we can both get $10 cash."  (I'd guess we can get only one of the two bonuses.)

Robinhood, free stock option - "Join Robinhood with my link and we'll both get free stock", and also there are intermittent Crypto rewards.

Schwab - "As my referral, you can get up to $500 when you become a Schwab client and make a qualifying net deposit."

Upromise - I get $25 when you reach $25 in qualified rewards. You get $5.29  for signing up and $25 for linking a 529.

Tuition Rewards (Sage Scholars) - You have to manually enter the referral code: REF-5590-7581 - I earn my own Tuition rewards through PA529 and my dental insurance.
"Tuition Reward Points can be earned through your workplace benefits, affiliated financial institutions, health insurance providers, or your employer. Accumulated Tuition Rewards Points create scholarships for students and result in guaranteed minimum institutional aid off the price of tuition at member colleges and universities. "
"Do you have family members, friends or coworkers who might be eligible for Tuition Rewards? If so, encourage them to sign up and use your referral code (shown below). You’ll receive 500 Tuition Rewards Points for each person that signs up using your referral code. Additionally, when a person signs up using your code, they will also receive an extra 500 Tuition Rewards Points."

These offers might have changed or been discontinued, but I'll update them as I'm made aware.